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Yoga and Mindfulness

The practice of yoga in Fiji is one of utter tranquillity. The warmth of the climate makes your muscles relax and you will find yourself settling into poses with ease and grace. The setting of the yoga shala with its sweeping  views over the bay is stunning.

Our offering of retreats in 2016 schedule brings back a number of previous teachers and also adds some exciting new ones.

Come alone or bring a friend – either way, you’ll have privacy when you need it and companionship when you want it. And if you have a partner who wants to come along but not join the course, that’s fine – there’s lots to do.


Tread lighter on the earth: Therapeutic hatha yoga with Liz Bennett, July 21 – 28

COURSE CONFIRMED. Kids go free. Bringing together a well- tuned knowledge of the body through physiotherapy and hatha yoga, Liz teaches in a diverse and deeply insightful style that encourages you to explore your body and discover your strength and stability through breath and body awareness with movement. During this retreat you will develop skills in your nervous system to feel and integrate your body, breath and mind; to move with more ease, and to nurture your lightness and power as you walk through life.

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Mindfulness based stress reduction with Nik Welsh and Mark Baxter : August 12 – 18 , 2018

A thoroughly reinvigorating retreat to rejuvenate your body and mind while immersing yourself in the themes and practices of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, delivering a greater sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

Fiji Yoga Retreat: with Vivienne Dias September 8 – 15

COURSE CONFIRMED Vivienne is a born teacher. She injects joy and compassion into her classes in equal measure, both pushing and encouraging her students, but also taking time to rest and laugh and embrace the soaring spirit of a practice.

Pacific Yogaflow with Taonga Puoro: Oct 13 – 20 2018 with Deidre-Lee Allen and Jerome Kavanagh

Deidre-Lee Allen, Pacific Yogaflow Creator, and Jerome Kavanagh, international Taonga Puroro Artist and Practitioner, come together to bring you an extraordinary retreat: an opportunity for reflection and growth through vibrational power, movement, meditation and nature’s sounds.

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