Welcome to Paradise Courses
Welcome to Paradise Courses
A week that just might
change your life.

It’s a time to celebrate your passion,
deepen your skill,
and see what you can really achieve.
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More posts from this section »
Art and Photography

Painting, drawing, sketching and photography


Snorkeling, diving, marine photography, bird watching…

Music and Singing

Sing! Music for beginners or those more experienced.


Creative fiction, travel writing, life writing


Soothe your mind, body and soul. Relax in Paradise

Welcome to Paradise Courses at Daku Resort

Do you want to become a painter? Sing glorious songs in harmony? Create a beautiful quilt? Still your mind and relax your body in a yoga practice?

Leave behind your daily schedules to join one of our week-long retreats when you can follow your dream and let your light shine.

We’ve welcomed many people of many ages – but there are two characteristics that unite everyone who comes – a passion to deepen their involvement in a chosen subject, and a determination to make sure not to leave things on the bucket list until too late.

Come alone or bring a friend – either way, you’ll have privacy when you need it and companionship when you want it.

Let us know which course you are interested in: email us directly.

A big thanks to the wonderful Amy May whose original song REAL is featured on our video. More at http://www.amymaymusic.com/

You can find out all the details on our menus – just click on the categories below:

Art: acrylic, pastels, watercolours, sketching, botanical art
Snorkeling: many dates to choose from
Bird watching: professionally guided in June or do-it-yourself any time
Singing: choral workshops and gospel a cappella
Yoga: hatha, anusara inspired, vinyasa flow yoga, detox, therapeutic yoga,



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