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From our kitchen


We offer a tropical breakfast or a full cooked breakfast.


Salads, wraps, omelettes, fish and chips, chicken curry with rice and chutney, or burger and fries.

For a quick snack you can have a plate of salad or a bowl of fries; and for a dessert there’s platters of fruit or a bowl of home-made ice cream.

Yoga in Fiji Daku Resort dinner


The daily menu is on the board each day.

By request of the teachers, some of our yoga retreats have a vegetarian menu although most have options for chicken and fish as well.

We can also cater for vegan or gluten-free diets.

All Day

And any time you want a refreshing drink, there’s fresh pineapple juice, soft drinks or delicious banana or tropical fruit smoothies.

Our famous long tables

At Daku, we’ve become known for the lively conversation and highly enjoyable company created by bringing all our guests together at one long table to eat together in the evenings. You might end up sitting next to an astro-physicist from Australia, a trainee doctor from London, a real estate agent from the US or a nurse from Denmark. You’ll hear lots of different stories and find all sorts of people to keep you company. It’s all part of the joy of travel.

And of course, if you want a quiet private dinner, we will always find you a table tucked away from everyone else on the other side of the deck or down in the garden.

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