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Diving in Fiji: the soft coral capital of the world

The reefs of Savusavu offer world class diving amongst coral pinnacles, extensive reefs and an abundant marine life. Within the bay are sites like Alice in Wonderland, Dreadlocks and Mystery Reef; further around the island you’ll dive at Shark Alley, Big  Blue, Dungeons and Dragons and the fabulous Dreamhouse, where a large group of hammerhead sharks are often to be found.

Savusavu Diving -- Alice in Wonderland
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Further out is the world famous Namena Island Reserve, rated by Jean-Michel Cousteau as one of the world’s ten best dives. It’s a small island 20 miles to the south of Savusavu, surrounded by miles of spectacular coral reefs. You’ll swim amongst sheer drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals and beautiful coral gardens and see a glorious abundance of marine life, including  big fish cruising in from the deep waters of the Koro Sea. There are many of the larger species such as barracuda, spanish mackerel, dog-tooth tuna, mantas and large sharks. Savusavu has a number of excellent dive operators, and we partner with them to offer you the best combination of well priced accommodation and plenty of diving.

And when you’reout of the water – there’s lots to do – kayaking, hiking, going out on the SUP, having a massage, relaxing by the pool, taking a trip to a gorgeous waterfall or just wandering around Savusavu town….

We look forward to welcoming you to a great week at Daku Resort and diving the soft coral capital of the world.

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Fiji Dive Package – great combination of sites

The Northern isles of Fiji make for a rich cultural experience different from the rest of Fiji. Combining this with world class diving Daku Resort and Paradise Taveuni have come together to offer a combo package for the adventurous traveler willing to go off the beaten track.

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