Yoga with Paradise Courses 2016

The practice of yoga in Fiji is one of utter tranquillity. The warmth of the climate makes your muscles relax and you will find yourself settling into poses with ease and grace. The setting of the yoga shala with its sweeping  views over the bay is stunning.

Our offering of retreats in 2016 schedule brings back a number of previous teachers and also adds some exciting new ones.

Come alone or bring a friend – either way, you’ll have privacy when you need it and companionship when you want it. And if you have a partner who wants to come along but not join the course, that’s fine – there’s lots to do.


  • Taialofa Petrini Yoga in Fiji

Alofa Yoga with Taialofa Petrini Feb 20 – 27

COURSE CONFIRMED. Alofa Yoga focuses on the journey towards oneness with the universe that yoga can bring. “Alofa” is the Samoan word for love, and Taialofa’s practice asks the student to understand love through their daily practice – firstly love and acceptance for oneself, and then love for others and the environment in which we live.

  • Yoga in Fiji at Daku Resort Clare White  adjusts a pose r

Yoga, Nutrition and better living: a women only retreat March 19 – 26

Simply Fiji : Simple relaxation, Simple awakening, Simple natural food…..Simply bliss! A women only retreat.

  • yin-yang-yoga-fiji

Yin Yang Yoga May 8-13

COURSE CONFIRMED. Honoring the intention of creating balance and harmony the morning yang class will combine the elements of connecting to your core through alignment and subtle energy breath work, alignment of body and mind in asana (posture) cultivating strength and flexibility to create a dynamic, safe and grounded practice. The evening yin class will explore passive and longer held positions to create release within the yin tissue of the body.

  • Stina Wangvist Yoga in Fiji_r

Wealth of Yoga with Stina Wangqvist and Kate Westberg June 4 – 11

All yoga postures have their own flavour. They are shapes of expression and when you know how to mix them together they make a beautiful blend. There are times when we feel aversion for some postures and desire for others, when we start to listen to our bodies and understand the wealth of yoga.

  • Daku-resort-Yoga-in-Fiji-700x467

Pacific Yoga Flow with a touch of pilates DeidreLee Allen May 28 – June 4

COURSE CONFIRMED. There is a strong focus on core stability and strength within each session and a positive attitude towards achieving balance and abundance in health and well-being. Every day there will be two sessions of an hour and a half each: an early morning sunrise session, and a late afternoon practice, with a break on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Jani-Burdett-Partner-yoga (1)

Dissolving into bliss: massage, pampering and partner yoga with Jani Burdett – June 11 – 18 2016

This retreat is a deep, nurturing exploration of your body and how to care for it in unexpected ways. During the week, Jani will be showing you how to massage your own body, and how to work with a partner (which just means someone else in the class) in the magical practice of partner yoga.

  • Daku-resort-Yoga-in-Fiji-700x467

Iyengar Yoga with Jyoteeka Cummings and Rosie Holland 26 June – 3 July

COURSE CONFIRMED. The Iyengar tradition emphasizes correct alignment of the body: it can be a rigorous discipline and therefore has the tremendous reward of a feeling of wholeness when the pose is mastered correctly. It is a practice that brings a deep release, freeing stiff muscles and opening up areas that were previously locked.

  • Partner-Yoga-with-Adriana-Cortazzo-Daku-Resort-Fiji-1

Tread lighter on the earth, Therapeutic hatha yoga with Liz Bennett, July 16 – 23

Bringing together a well- tuned knowledge of the body through physiotherapy and hatha yoga, Liz teaches in a diverse and deeply insightful style that encourages you to explore your body and discover your strength and stability through breath and body awareness with movement. During this retreat you will develop skills in your nervous system to feel and integrate your body, breath and mind; to move with more ease, and to nurture your lightness and power as you walk through life.

  • Amy-and-class-r

Yoga Corner – lighting up corners of the mind and body – with Amy Leonard – August 6 – 13

COURSE CONFIRMED. . Amy has the flexibility to cater to both experienced yogis and beginners. She loves the fire and dynamism of a challenging practice – but also values the benefits of a calm, restorative practice. And remember that what is challenging to a beginner is just fine – you never need to feel you should strain yourself to keep up. And for those who love a fast, hot practice – that won’t be a problem. The daily workshops are hatha based, sometimes working with long holds and slow transitions, and sometimes with vinyasa flows.

  • anna-hamilton-2

Nurturing the Tree of Life, Hatha based vinyasa yoga with Anna Hamilton, August 13 – 19

The focus of this retreat is on the immense power of yoga to give a core stability and strength to life. There is within all of us an inner stillness and insight but finding it is often difficult. The mind races, the body creaks, the ego protests! But once you have started to hear its voice, you can feel yourself open to new possibilities. During the week, Anna will teach a daily asana practice that is designed to hear the language of our bodies.

  • adriana-cortazzo-700x467

Yoga Retreat with Adriana Cortazzo, Oct 22 – 29

COURSE CONFIRMED. Adriana’s first visit to Daku Resort left her with the conviction that the yoga room was a truly unique place, an impression confirmed after her next two retreats: I’ve traveled the world and have practised in many varied and beautiful locations but the yoga shala at Daku is by far the most divine I have experienced. The view is breath-taking… the room is perched high, nestled amongst palm trees overlooking the serene ocean.