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Ambassadors of the Environment Study Tour

Travel to Fiji with Dr Richard Murphy, marine biologist with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, and Jill Caporale, professor of biology at NOVA, to explore Marine and Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental Science, Cultural Values and Sustainable Living across the Curriculum.

Tell Me A Story: Writing And Publishing Commercial Fiction April 29 – May 6 2017

COURSE CONFIRMED.What do readers want? A great story, well told with engaging characters and turn-the-page tension. Crafting that story is what this course is all about. In this 6 Day Intensive Writing Course you will learn the secrets to writing a novel readers won’t want to put down. It includes a one-on one mentoring session, and advice based on reading 5,000 words of a manuscript in advance.

Dive Special

We run a Year Round Diving Special that’s become famous not just for the incredible diving on offer, but for fantastic value for money.

Snorkeling at Daku Resort

Come and snorkel the sensational soft corals and marine life of Savusavu. The reefs of Savusavu Bay and the nearby coast offer some wonderful snorkeling. You can snorkel right outside Daku - very easy and accessible. It's a small reef but has a lot of juvenile fish and some reasonable coral. Great [...]

World Class Diving

Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive visits a number of sites in and near Savusavu Bay. This is how they describe them: Namena Island This small island 20 miles to the south of Savusavu is surrounded by mile after mile of unexplored reefs. Seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals and perfect coral gardens support an abundance of marine [...]

Oxbridge Alumni Forum in Fiji August 5 -10, 2017

A gathering of Oxbridge alumni from all around the world – USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Fiji for our fourth long weekend Fiji forum. It’s a hugely enjoyable and wildly stimulating long weekend of talks, discussion – and lots of Fijian food, kava and kayaking, swimming and singing.

Guided snorkeling with marine biology lectures

The reefs around Vanua Levu provide some of the most rewarding snorkelling in the world - a chance to see the famous soft corals of Fiji, swim amongst clouds of sergeant majors, anthias, damsel fish and jack fish, and see sharks, rays and turtles.

Yoga Corner – lighting up corners of the mind and body – with Amy Leonard – August 6 – 13

FULLY BOOKED. Amy has the flexibility to cater to both experienced yogis and beginners. She loves the fire and dynamism of a challenging practice – but also values the benefits of a calm, restorative practice. And remember that what is challenging to a beginner is just fine – you never need to feel you should strain yourself to keep up. And for those who love a fast, hot practice – that won’t be a problem. The daily workshops are hatha based, sometimes working with long holds and slow transitions, and sometimes with vinyasa flows.

Capturing the Essence of the Tropics: Watercolours/Gouache/Acrylics with Pamela Fairburn October 15 – 22

COURSE CONFIRMED. Let Pamela’s enthusiastic and positive tuition guide you into new and exciting painting and drawing experiences. During the week you can relax and become confident with your painting methods and materials, whether it be watercolour, gouache, pastels or acrylics.

Yoga, Stillness and Dreamwork with Meera Anderson October 7 – 14, 2017

Through a combination of early morning Meditation, Pranayama, dynamic and restorative Asana and Dream exploration, Meera will guide you on a journey throughout the week that leads from the outer to the inner, from the unrefined to the subtle, giving you access to your innate wisdom.

Drawing and sketching with Lizzie Connor : May 20 – 27 2017

Creating a drawn or painted image is different for each of us, as we all see and work differently, with different vision. This week will be about opening your mind and refining your techniques to embrace the many aspects of drawing: capturing memories of a great trip, giving expression to a mood in a cafe, or preserving the face of a friend you value.

Getting Creative with Acrylics : Chris Postle August 12 – 19 2017

Come and be a part of this lifetime experience. A creative holiday in paradise, learning, experiencing tropical Fijian culture, painting some of those tropical scenes with colour and vibrance. Learning from the master and taking home memories and knowledge that will enrich your creative soul forever. A perfectly balanced creative holiday.

Watercolours and Sketching with Malcolm Carver : Nov 18 – 25

Using simple but proven methods of capturing the image, seeing simple shapes, creating depth and appreciating light, Malcolm will build your confidence day by day. By the end of the week you will have produced a sketch book of drawings and paintings that capture the essence of the world around us ....and you'll have had an immense amount of fun!

Sadhana Yoga School Fiji retreat

Bula! and welcome to Daku Resort.   Activities The  retreat will take up most of your day, but of course you’ll want to get out and about and see something of Fiji, its culture, its rich ocean life and its spectacular forests. There are many wonderful things to do in and around Daku Resort and [...]

Classical Music: Enhance Your Listening with Susan Deas – Jan 9 – 16 2016

COURSE CONFIRMED. We explore the delights of classical music, learning how to get more out of your listening. Susan will guide you through a different kind of classical music each day, covering orchestral, choral, chamber music and symphonies. She will help you to understand their structure, show you what to look for in their arrangement, and give you an insight into their history and place in musical development.

Understanding Classical Music with Mike Smith November 5 – 12

This course is designed for those who want to learn more about the music itself, why it works, and how to truly appreciate and enjoy it. Designed for all levels of music knowledge or experience, during this week we will explore and open up the music. Mike teaches enjoyment of it through a deeper understanding of not only the music itself, but through the influence of individual performers and conductors. The course is undertaken in an informal, inclusive and entertaining environment and is structured in daily workshops lasting around 3 hours.

Nia : Journey into Joy with Sophie Marsh Aug 23 – 30

Sophie Marsh is a phenomenon. She has the energy of a meteorite. She has a smile that lights up dark corners. She has an infectious joy in dance that radiates out from her body as she moves. Her class has everyone sweating and grinning and pulsing with energy all through the week.

Iyengar Yoga with Jyoteeka Cummings and Rosie Holland : 26 June – 3 July

Jyoteeka Cummings and Rosie Holland have been teaching Iyengar yoga for upwards of 30 years. During this retreat, they will be deepen your awareness of your body as they build on the lessons day by day. By the end of the week, you will have a new and different understanding and appreciation of what you can ask your body to do.